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Made to Fit Cushion Covers Seat Sofa RV's

Cushion covers made to to fit. Seats, sofa pop up campers, RV's.

(foam not included) for any size cushion or mat. We need the size of the foam block in inches [ length x width x thickness ] we will make a zip on cover in beautiful upholstery material.

Let us know if plywood is zipped inside; $9 extra fee per cushion.


Dinette Type Camper Cushion Covers (foam not included)

 Size Range

From 52'' x 32 ----- $45.00

Set of 4 ----- $157.00


Gaucho Type Camper Cushion Covers (foam not included)

Size Range

Up to 80'' x 30'' ------ $49.00

Set of 2 [ $15.00 extra if sewn together ] ---- $95.00

Set of 3 ------ $139.00


Mattress Covers Size Range                                                                 

Up to 80'' x 60'' ------- $85.00                                    

Set of 2 ------- $160.00

Any measurements larger than listed will be $5 per cover more.

To order Email or call Sherry, 800 929 1231. For pricing on other size & shape covers we need your quanity and sizes.