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Apache Gear Box (1)

These Apache OEM gear boxes are what you will need if your original gear boxes are not functioning properly.

Before ordering, check the gear inside of your old gearbox. If the teeth of the gear are short and pointy, you will need to replace both of them. If the teeth are blocky (like the photo), you can replace one at a time. The gear ratio between the two types is different. This means one side will go up faster than the other if you try to use one of each.





Price: $240.00

RVWorkShop Replacement Canvas Sales Agreement:

Current Estimated Ship Time Is now 5 to 6 months. All canvas replacements are special order. Your card will be charged when the order is placed. Defect Policy for Replacement Canvas: This item is special order and is guaranteed 100 % fit and finish. But like any new car, it's cost and our processing fee is nonrefundable. The canvas you receive is manufactured by Camper & Recreation - the best in the business. Should your new canvas have a problem due to defective material, workmanship or freight damage, we will work with you to correct it.




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  • Apache gear box (1)