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Whiffle Tree

Whiffle tree to fit Coleman campers. Pins and stop collar included, the threaded eye bolts are NOT included. This item is not a Coleman original. Our tree is different we think it's a bit better. See the thread picture in the additional information section below. Because the steel rod and the threads we use the roof goes up easier. Also the weight of the roof will not cause the lift system to unwind. This means you must crank the system down, making the ratchet/clutch system unnecessary. To eliminate the system purchase the extension rod with the whiffle treeIf you do be sure to keep in place numbers 2,3,4,5,6,7 & 8, Shown here.

Our tree has no plastic sleeve or ball bearings. Instead our pull bar is pre lubed steel insert. Lube regularly for best results - Permatex Anti-Seize. Ships in 1 to 2 business days after the order is received.

When ordering please select length of threaded rod to the nearest 1/4''.  The tree must be removed for accurate measurement.

To our Canadian and Australian customers there is an added cost to send this item to you. Please add the ship charge below. 

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Price: $149.00

Whiffle Tree:

This whiffle tree has a one year warranty on material and workmanship. Roof AC unit voids warranty. Our processing fee is non refundable. Adding this product to your cart means you agree and accept these terms.


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