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WHIFFLETREE to Fit Coleman/Fleetwood Campers

IN STOCK!  We need the model year, VIN# and the EXACT length of threaded rod to the nearest 1/4". Our Coleman whiffle tree replacements are USA made. Our tree is different and we think they're better. We use fine thread rod with more threads per inch; the roof goes up easier but it takes more turns. Also the weight of the roof will not cause the lift system to unwind. This means you must crank the system down, making the ratchet/clutch system unnecessary. To eliminate that system purchase the extension rod ($20.00) with the whiffle tree (see below). Our tree has no plastic sleeve or ball bearings. Instead our pull bar is pre lubed steel insert. 

Lube regularly for best results - Permatex Anti-Seize

Ships from WIsconsin in 1 to 2 business days from order date.

Item ships US PRIORITY MAIL unless otherwise specified.  Calculate regular ship time to reach destination.

Customer comments:

Just to let you know I installed the whiffle tree yesterday and it works perfectly. Thanks Matt M. 

         I got everything put back together yesterday afternoon and it works great. I can't believe I have been  struggling with that for over 5 years and now it works again. Thanks so much for your help.  Sam.

We received our whiffletree replacement for our 1996 Coleman Bayport today.  31.25 inches long.  It fit perfect.  I was impressed with the workmanship of the solid steel block that the cables bolt to.  As stated on your website is it an AMAZING improvement when compared with the teflon put on the stock units. I appreciate your fast shipping and quality product.  It was about a 30 minute install and the unit works better than it ever has.  Billie

Coleman Lift system this manual is for your convenience.

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